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The Buzz About Being Positive! | 03


Light, Virtually Fact Free and Definitely Non-Political!

I couldn't resist posting this picture... This is Leon Kennedy, my son and business partner for Blue Buzzard Property whom this month I think after the sandwich :) has now qualified to be a builder. I mean look at him he even looks like one!



But check this out; he made a video of himself cladding a house - (that’s fixing cement boards to the side of a house to make it look slick!). So being Leon, he didn’t just go to work and build, you see, we also own a building company (Cross and Kennedy Construction) and now we have quite a bit of interest as he made a video of him cladding, which went viral. So forget a lousy Check-A-Trade subscription, which was a dizzy £150 a month – (no way) try promoting your property interests on Tick Tock (free). Leon landed 20,000 views with his latest building video @leonkennedyproperty … and if you want to see him making a builder’s lunchtime sandwich and chatting to the German Shepherd dogs onsite that didn't not stop watching him while at work - that’s the handle. By the way the lunch was a slice of (sliced bread) no butter or condiments, just 2 slices of rather sad honey roast Sainsbury’s budget ham, as that was all he could find in the fridge at 6:30am of ham; folded slapped together and eaten while he was halfway up a wall or something.

That’s it – it’s been a great week. You don’t need to spend to get business, today a previous long term guest returned to the UK and booked our property in Ebbsfleet again, for the second time running and now there for another 10 weeks. Onwards and upwards, we are looking forward to working with you if you are in property. Next week we meet our first private investor who is daring enough to lend for our first flip. Hooorah. Can’t believe that 5 months ago I had no income and no idea what I would do with my life. Crazy times ahead and all because I keep positive – no matter what. Stay positive and keep that positive Buzz and thanks for tuning in. Angus :)


This Month's Silly Photo

Me with meat!

We like to post meaningless dumb stuff for no reason. This is me with a plastic Steak- getting ready for the Kennedy's Fancy dress party this weekend!! :)
You see this blog is written with the help of thinking about funny things - like this.
Remember, happiness is everything and all you need to get through the day is an intermittent smile. We hope we have made you smile today :)


More Things to Bore You With!

In The Press- what the papers say about us


We founded The Blue Buzzard Property Company and our mission is always ‘happy landlords’. Then we realised how we can make guests even more happy! This is what the papers said about us. The super clever Leon Kennedy Angus' son (left)


How We Started Our Building Firm


Landlords are our N0.1 - When we saw how much they needed quotes on time, no extras, and wanted dedicated people on the job, we teamed up with the Cross family, a wonderful family of builders to create a building firm If you have a building job


What's the Blue Buzzard!


You may have seen the Blue Buzzard out your window - thats us! We set up the business to help UK landords make more dosh and pay less tax. By helping them convert to Serviced Accomodation, we manage their properties and they take a big break? Find out more - Join our family of happy landlords



What are we doing right now?

Drinking Water b4 the school run

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