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Blue Buzzard is a family business started by Angus Kennedy (right) and his son, Leon Kennedy (left) in 2021 after Angus sold his publishing business in the chocolate and food and drink sector after what he describes as ‘way too many years’.


Blue Buzzard is far from their only creation, in fact the highly creative pair also run a successful chocolate company and Angus is well known as a global leading chocolate expert in the press. He is also a published author and motivational school speaker. And yes, this does mean we bring chocolates to most viewings and have inspirational and motivational conversations, (it’s not all about making money!).

We started Blue Buzzard to offer a one-stop-shop-service for landlords that wish to focus on growing their portfolios and leaving us to the messy bits. Most must work with builders, estate agents and letting agents independently. And while of course there are many fine agents and builders in the South East, not all meet the strict timeframes, budgets and standards of landlords.




So, we also started a building firm too! Cross and Kennedy, as we heard so many stories of landlord’s jobs not finished to a good standard.


So now we can take care of that as well and offer property refresher and total rebuild packages. Landlords basically need to know; how much, when will the job be finished and when will it be let? We can do the whole thing (or just one aspect) and offer you exact timeframes and when your rent starts to come in.


But we go one better. We offer serviced accommodation. What this means is that we specialise in NHS families, and families waiting for their new builds to be completed. Most only need properties for a few months at a time and can’t take an AST, they are responsible professionals and almost homeless! We like to do a good thing. We have lists of families whose new build dates are put forward and NHS families that need to come in from abroad. So we rent your house long-term and provide what they need which is shorter term.


This means that your property is kept to a very high standard, cleaned once a week and there are no tenant problems. But more importantly, you can avoid section 24 and claim capital allowances so that the rent we provide you each month (market rent) is tax free!


We are a family business, based in Kent, UK, and our vision is to assist landlords by taking headaches away with our true passion for property and helping people. We are assisting with all kinds of properties, whether it’s the first one, (we recently helped a doctor who bought at auction and really needed help!) And portfolio landlords - none ever too small. In fact, for a portfolio landlord to do away with letting agency fees and receive rent tax free of several properties offers some serious added income and is significant!


So why have you not heard about it? Well, the simple answer is that serviced accommodation is quite new and not many agents and landlords know about it and are not set up. Not many agents would offer serviced accommodation because they just can’t. The HMRC don’t knock on your door either and say, ‘hey stop paying too much tax’, well pigs could fly, but we haven’t seen any recently in Kent where we are based.


So that is why we are here, to help you grow your business and help you make more profit with less stress. Yes, chocolate helps too.


Thanks for stopping by and call us any time. We are entrepreneurs we love what we do. Blue Buzzard and our building firm are growing rapidly because we care about you, we care about your gardens, your properties, your money and the people that we help.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: +44 7540 000020 (Angus)

Tel: +44 7527 720662 (Leon)

55 London Road, South Lodge, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8JH.

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