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Angus & Leon's Property Buzz | 02

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Light and virtually fact free and definitely non-political!


­Welcome the the Kennedy's latest Buzz- the trials and tribulations of our crazy property journey. We (the Kennedy's, Leon and Angus) came from a background of publishing. So sit back and have laugh at our expense with our latest ventures. This is a when-it-comes-blog for all those in property; making it, fakin it and shakin it, welcome!


The pictures above shows our latest accomplishment - a beautiful 2 bed lux flat in Swanscombe, Ebbsfleet, Kent (18 mins train to Kings X). Within two days of going on the market it now has a lovely corporate guest inside who works in the city and commutes to London and took it for several weeks. We test all our properties before we offer them to our guests and discovered, to our horror that the knives and forks we bought from The Range went rusty after one use! So, hours (minutes even) before our corporate guest checks in we race down to replace them with shiny new cutlery and added an Amazon dongle stick to the TV we bought that I thought was smart TV. Durrr well how did I know? Serviced accommodation is all show. Everything must be right for the guests. I set the temperature for our guest’s arrival (fixed the loo) put out nice soaps and shampoos, switched on the mood lamps, shut the door and left the property knowing our guest will be a super happy man-on-arrival. And he may not have endure the taste of rust for his Or d’oeuvres. My God they sell some shit in the Range though! WELCOME NEW LANDLORDS

Actually, the story of working with the amazing landlord that offered us this lovely Ebsfeet flat to manage for him was even more unusual. My son (Leon) who also works in our property company, went to an Italian restaurant in Rochester, Kent and found himself sitting next to a delightful person whose dad owned the flat. A week later we met his dad who liked us and we love him. We now manage his property for him. He didnt like the estate agents approach. So things are looking good- marketing aim this month - just go and have a nice Italian. Serviced accommodation which is one of the areas of property we are in is very human. We had an enquiry from a poor family whose house was ruined by a burst pipe, why do they always burst at Christmas! And she might want to take one of our properties in Kings Hill, Kent, while the insurance sorts her house out. We discover there are families right across the UK in Hotels with nowhere to live. LATEST PROPERTY MARKET FACTS

Property is moving fast and lovin it… did you know that (it's reported) the average UK house price rose much faster for houses than flats in 2021 – and the value for new builds increased by 14.1% versus the 5.4% rise in values of existing resold properties across the UK. We just also discovered that in London in 2021 the value of flats declined by .7% and detached house prices in London increased near 10%. Haha so we are not just rusty fork offering pretty faces then! Bye for now, and if you know anyone thinking about letting their properties out, and want their properties looked after properly and with care and fed up with tenants - let us help - with even if I know nothing of smart TV's thank God for having a son with a brain in the business. That's all for now and thanks for tuning in. Till next week xx

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